Friday, August 1, 2008

Rightwing Roundup: Guns, DADT, and "News"

1. People who carry guns in their purses and then forget that they are, in fact, carrying a deadly weapon are probably a bigger threat to our nation than gay people.

Yes, I'm referring to anti-gay Sally Kern. Who was just caught by security for the second time for trying to carry a gun into the state Capitol building. Her excuse? And I quote, she "forgot" it was in her purse.

LOL, oopsy-daisies.

2. Just Keep Talking

Earlier, I wrote about military "expert" Elaine Donnelly's wacky testimony regarding the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) policy. A transcript of the full testimony can be found here (PDF). It's not to be missed. Some highlighted statements include:

"[F]orced cohabitation in military conditions- which offer little or no privacy- would force persons to live with persons who might be sexually attracted to them." [emphasis in original]

The minor default of this argument is that hellloooooo gay people already are in the military living with "persons" who they might be sexually attracted to. Whoop-dee-doo.

And then, citing the 1974 case where a woman was allegedly assaulted by a "group of lesbians," Donnelly also writes:

"[The allegedly assaulted woman] predicted that if professed homosexuals serve in the military 'An assault like the one I endured would be 'de-criminalized,' on the grounds that the victim is a 'homophobe' if they won't just 'relax and enjoy' being sexually assaulted."

What a crock of shit. I'm sorry, but that's just simply a big fat crock of shit. Thousands of lesbians and gays currently serving in the military, and the best Donnelly can do to "prove" that gays and lesbians will assault other soldiers is to cite a case from 19-flippin-74?! She should be ashamed of herself. Besides, as members of Congress noted when they heard this ridiculous statement, the military would punish homosexual conduct the same way it punishes heterosexual misconduct. Get a grip.

In all seriousness, Donnelly's argument against gays in the military hinges mostly on her "forced cohabitation" argument. To that argument I can only say the following. If the readiness of our military is so severely compromised because some of its members have to endure the awkwardness of living with people who might, might, be attracted to them, then our national security is already in serious trouble.

3. A Quick Thanks

Today, I would just like to give kudos to "LGBT news correspondent" Peter LaBarbera for running a website that serves as a phenomenal aggregate for breaking LGBT "news." That website? The Americans for Truth [sic] About Homosexuality.

Some journalists bravely go to scary places like war zones, but our favorite "journalist" takes it a step further by bravely wading through "extremely vile content" in the media, frequently going so far as valiantly attending and reporting back on LGBT events such as the "tragic" female-to-male transgender conference in Washington DC, the "gay pride" parade in Chicago, and Folsom Street Fair in "Sodom-by-the-Bay, San Francisco."

Thank you Peter, for bravely going where hundreds of thousands of people have gone before.

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