Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Fun! Race, Divorce, and Wanda

Until I can think of something halfway coherent to say about the fact that 70% of black voters in California voted for Prop 8, I'm going to link to Pam Spaulding's article about it and keep mulling it over. All I have been able to do thus far is to note the supreme irony of celebrating how "far" we've come as a nation to have elected a black president in light of the fact that we've also just regressively enshrined discrimination into several more state constitutions.

Yippee fucking skippee.

People have also been wondering if the passage of Prop 8 will take away the marital status of the same-sex couples who married pre-Prop 8. At this point, the consensus is that there is no consensus as to what's going to happen. The legal uncertainty created by the state supreme court declaring separate legal schemes for same-sex and opposite couples unconstitutional and a subsequent passage of an anti-equality amendment is unprecedented.

What is clear is that marriage amendments, court rulings that conflict with state laws, and separate legal arrangements for same-sex couples leads to mass legal uncertainty that could easily be resolved by just. allowing. same-sex couples. to marry. Anyway, it would certainly be another great irony if all those neighborly Prop 8 do-gooders claiming to defend marriage and protect families just legally divorced thousands of same-sex couples. How protect-y.

Stick that on your "I'm not a bigot, I just don't believe in equality" pin.

Need a real laugh?

Here's a funny friday video of a chat between the fabulous Wanda Sykes and Ellen (on Halloween, hence the silly costumes).

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