Friday, November 21, 2008

Rightwing Roundup: Theocrat Edition

1. Suggested T-Shirt For Focus on the Family

I successfully defended marriage from homosexualists and all I got was this lousy layoff.

That's right. After "pumping money" into the Prop 8 battle, James Dobson's Focus on the Family has just announced another round of layofffs.

While I don't wish financial disaster on anyone, it is not surprising that during these economic times, donors might prioritize making contributions to organizations that actually address real, tangible problems that families face as opposed to made-up wars against an already-maligned group of people.

2. Loving Christian Quote of the Week

Earlier this week I wrote about the immature name-calling that some "marriage defenders" have engaged in after winning the Prop 8 battle. Jennifer Roback Morse jumps on this unfortunate bandwagon saying:

"The Leftist gay lobby are [sic] a bunch of sore losers. It is not as if the Religious Right is sweeping the country, imposing itself on everyone....We won. You lost. Get over it."

I suppose if this were all a mere game, this sort of in-yo-face touchdown-dance gloating might be appropriate. However, since we're talking about serious matters of constitutional rights, equality, and oppression, I just really find these sentiments unbecoming and bullying.

And really, that bit about the Religious Right not trying to impose itself on everyone, seriously made me spit up a little. I don't know where Morse has been lately but the "Religious Right" certainly has been trying to impose itself on everyone. I mean, that's pretty much what it does best.

3. A "Heavenly" Amicus Brief

This next piece has been circulating throughout the LGBT blogosphere because it shows just how unhinged some "marriage defenders" are.

Honestly, I think it's refreshing when "marriage defenders" put all their cards on the table and are completely up front about wanting our nation to be an extremist Christian theocracy. The person who wrote this document [PDF], one of the most bizarre Amicus briefs ever in the history of ever, is one such person.

Writing on behalf of the "Almighty Eternal Creator" in the "Kingdom of Heaven," one Mariette Do-Nguyen submitted a brief to the California Supreme Court claiming that she is "fully God and fully human in nature" and therefore has super special insight into how God thinks same-sex marriage is wrong. In true theocrat fashion, she then requests the court to "comply with the laws of the Almighty Eternal Creator." Included are amateurish photo-copied pages of the Bible with underlined passages along with the woman's psychiatric evaluation.

To give her some credit, it was a good call to include the psych evaluation but still...what a bizarre brief.

I mean, I can't help but to feel sorry for this woman. Judges see a lot of incompetent and odd pro se briefs, but I would love to see a judge's reaction to this. I just think that this brief is so completely unhinged that it will do nothing but hurt the "marriage defense" side.

I know this brief is odd, but it is actually pretty similar to the arguments that many "marriage defenders" make: Homosexuality is against God's will. Therefore, same-sex marriage shouldn't be allowed. Kudos to this woman for actually admitting it in court.

p.s.- Remember when Jennifer Roback Morse said "It is not as if the Religious Right is sweeping the country, imposing itself on everyone."

Yuk yuk.

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