Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ladies: You Too Can Work Out!

So, hoping to add some variety to my weight-lifting routine, I turned to Internet. Since a friend of mine suggested trying a kettlebell workout, I googled that term to find some ideas.

That's when I came across the following helpful bit of advice:

"Kettlebell workout is not for men only. Today, more and more females are discovering that kettlebell workouts for women can work for them too. Kettlebells aren’t just exercise tools for athletes and soldiers."

Helpful Hint To Writers of Workout Routines For Women: Excluding women from the class of athletes and soldiers is not only condescending, but also inaccurate. Believe it or not, many women have the gall to consider themselves athletes and soldiers too! Also, 40 years post-Title IX, I wonder how many women need to be informed that Working Out is not a male-only endeavor.

It continues:

"Before you perform any of these routines, make sure you have a wide clear area for exercise. Here are a few routines that are especially recommended for women."

The suggested exercises focus on the "abs," "hips," "legs," and- get this- "the entire body's muscles." Because those are, apparently, the groups of muscles that women, and not men, "especially" want to work on. Although, careful ladies:

"Kettlebell workouts for women are also best performed with light weights."

In fact, it's probably best if you don't do kettlebell workouts at all. Because, unlike athletes and soldiers, we can't have women getting too strong. /fart

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