Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Stretch

From a CNN portrait of former cult leader David Koresh:

"In 1981, [Koresh] moved to Waco to live at Mount Carmel, the Branch Davidian compound. At the time, the Davidian sect was controlled by Lois Roden, one its early self-proclaimed prophets. Roden had just started preaching to followers that she'd found references in the Bible that suggested God was a woman. Survivor Clive Doyle had trouble buying her interpretations, he told

'I looked and looked and just could not find those feminine parts in the Bible,' he said. 'Lois liked to stretch it a bit.'"

Koresh, of course, infamously ended up becoming the cult's new leader:

"Among Koresh's teachings were the 'New Light Message' and a philosophy he equated to 'winning' in the bedroom, according to Reavis' book. The teachings set forth that 'spiritual weddings' would take place between Koresh and any female follower he felt that God had ordered him to bed. That included underage girls and legally married women. The men should observe celibacy."

Of course.

The notion of god being a man who allows One Special Man to fuck any woman or girl he wants is so much more grounded in reality than mere "suggestions" of god having "feminine parts."

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