Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Mistake. Huge.

[TW: Homophobia]

The manager of a New Jersey bridal shop reportedly refused to sell a wedding dress to a customer after learning that the customer was marrying another woman. According to the article, the manager, Donna, refused to sell the dress because she said the wedding was "illegal" and she didn't want to take part in an "illegal action."


Now, if we give Donna the benefit of the doubt here and assume that her Grave Concern about aiding and abetting criminal behavior was sincere, one wonders what she thought might happen to her if she sold the dress to a woman about to get same-sex married.

Like, was she scared she would be arrested and imprisoned for being a co-conspirator to the "crime" of same-sex marriage? Did she think Maggie Gallagher might pop up and put her under citizen's arrest?

In any event, given that the couple was marrying in New York, where same-sex marriage is legal, it's difficult to accept Donna's claim at face value. When a reporter at called Donna to get her version of the story, Donna allegedly had some (*clears throat*) problematic thoughts on lesbians. Apparently, crossing out the word "husband" on the company's form and writing in the word "partner" was "provocative" and "stirring up drama." Lesbians also apparently are just "experimenting" with women. Because we're tired of men bossing us around.


Anyway, according to The Consumerist, the store now has a one-star Yelp rating.


Congratulations to the happy couple. I hope they have a great wedding and have spent their money elsewhere. (I just get really happy when people finally get to shop!)

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