Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So, Like We've Been Saying All Along

[TW: homophobia]

Jennifer Roback Morse, a National Organization for [Heterosexual] Marriage-affiliated leading voice against marriage equality for same-sex couples admits that she opposes equality, in part, because- in her very own words- "anal sex is icky."

Apparently, lady thinks her pearl-clutching opinions as to what behaviors are distasteful are at all pertinent to which groups of people get equal rights under the US legal system.


But please, "Dr. J," by all means take that argument straight to the US Supreme Court. Use the word "icky" even, and continue to ignore the fact that *gasp* even some Normal (ie- straight) People engage in anal sex too and yet still get to be married.

Go sing it on the mountaintops from here to Hades.

Organize a Straight Pride Parade, get some shirts printed up, and spread the message far and wide that:


And then, when your pals try that tired, mendacious trick of trying to convince judges, lawmakers, and citizens that "It 'defames"' those who believe in 'traditional marriage' to suggest that they, and the 7 million voters who upheld California's anti-equality Proposition 8, have anything less than benign motives for doing so" we can point to you and say, "Orly?"

Thanks in advance!

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