Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Free Speech Primer

Apparently, if someone says something offensive and you criticize that statement, you are threatening the speaker's freedom of expression.

So thinks notable constitutional law scholar and former teen TV star, Kirk Cameron:

"While gay rights activists are eviscerating Kirk Cameron for calling homosexuality 'unnatural,' 'detrimental,' and 'ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization,' the former 'Growing Pains' star has received 'thousands of emails and comments" of support, Cameron's representative told today.

'Cameron is thankful for the thousands of emails and comments that he's received from those who value the freedom to express one's beliefs,' the actor's rep said in an e-mail statement."

He expressed his views on "Piers Morgan Tonight" where he was promoting "Monumental."

Despite not holding demonstrable expertise or an academic background in history or law (unless Wikipedia or his personal website is omitting it) "Monumental" is "a documentary in which [Cameron] roams Washington, D.C. attempting to decipher the true intent of the founding fathers."

LOL. I can see it now:

"Aww shucks, I was roaming around and there it was! Hiding behind the Washington Monument!"

But really. Good luck with finding that One True Intent.

Let me guess! *Potential Spoiler Alert* I bet it very coincidentally jives with Cameron's already-held religious and personal convictions!

And all those people expressing their support for Cameron's reprehensible statements/freedoms of expressions? Yep, I'm just going to save these gems for the Homobigotry Is Definitely Over file [content note (dare I call it what it is?!) Yep: homobigotry]:

SBaker2 opines:

"When dealing with diseased and mentally imbalanced perverts, one expects to receive all the hate-mongering, name-calling, and attacks they can muster. Many of these freaks were once institutionalized. Now, they are armed and dangerous to same-sex kids and Christians, their primary targets."

John Thomas opines:

"when the truth bites one must realize the holy spirit may be trying to talk to you. I have no love for homosexuals at all and certainly no tolerance. How did they ever become to be called GAY when all I've known are so miserable all the time?????"

SoapDishford opines:

"Kirk's statements are not out of touch with the beliefs of most Americans, they are only out of touch with the looney left."


"Homos choose to participate in faggotry, DP."

These quotes, mind you, were not cherry-picked.

They were but a small, but representative, sampling of some of the totally free expressions following a WorldNetDaily (I know, what does one expect from uncritical readers of that source) article giving Cameron a chance to defend himself from the big mean homoleftists who are SO MEAN to him and all of the upstanding defenders of True Marriage, True Values, True Civility, True Religion, Jesus, God, America, and First Amendment Rights.

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