Thursday, March 22, 2012

Talk About Looking For Shit To Get Mad About

Did you hear how Newt Gingrich has manufactured some offense over Robert DeNiro's joke, at an Obama fund-raiser, asking whether America is ready for a white First Lady?

Which is strange, this offense-taking. We hear all the time how social conservatives are the big, brave truth-tellers in a PC Gone Too Far Culture and how all of the rest of us are Uptight Nofunningtons Who Can't Take A Joke.

But I digress.

The joke isn't a "slam" on white women or any white potential First Ladies. Rather, it's funny, you know, because.... every First Lady up until our current one has been white. So, it's like, of course the nation is ready for a white First Lady. For hundreds of years, the nation has been ready for no other kind.

The real problem with the joke, I reckon, is that it notes America's racism. Not its "racism" against white people or rich, white, privileged Republican white women who are linked to rich, white, privileged men seeking the highest office in the land, but its historical and ongoing racism against people of color and the fact that that question actually did have to be asked in 2008 regarding our current First Lady.

No. Gingrich isn't valiantly defending the white woman's honor, here. He's defending his, and all white people's, right to become Very Offended whenever we're told that racism isn't over yet.

Cue the countdown until this "attack" on conservative white women is contrasted with the outrage over Limbaugh calling that lady a "slut," and is used to "prove" liberal/feminist "hypocrisy."


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