Friday, March 23, 2012

Welp, I'm Convinced

Women are subservient to men, and we shouldn't be pastors.

Via a comment from "Anonymous II" over at her*meneutics blog:

"All this blogging about how women should be allowed to be pastors is nothing but feminist propaganda. Once they become a pastor then you hear the feminist accolades about 'breaking barriers' and the feminists will then look around for new conquests. Women in Christianity are subservant [sic] to men and Christian women are treated very well by the church. It just gets tiresome to me to constantly hear the feminist drumbeat that until women are ordained pastors or become Catholic priests they will always be downtrodden and abused. I will bet moslem* women wish they were treated as well as Christian women but you hear little mention of this.

Get a life folks! It is time the incessant drumbeat from the feminists (both male and female) cease. It is against bible teachiing [sic] for women to have domininion over men in the church so let's just accept the order of things and move on to reaching the lost with the gospel. Women use their spiritual gifts to edify the church in marvelously diverse ways so let'a [sic] just everyone accept their role and let's drop the issue of women pastors. Being a pastor is a special calling and is a rough job. Why do the feminists keep trying to break down this last 'barrier'? Pastors shall be male and the discussion is ended. This order of things was created by God for a reason and is well explained in scripture. Let's quit beating a dead horse, feminists, and get on with the work at hand!"

So that's all settled then. LOL.

But seriously.

Aren't the assumptions some non-feminist men make in conversations so audacious? He personally doesn't see what the big honkin' deal is about women not being able to be pastors, so he demands that everyone shut up about it and start talking about Real Issues. "The discussion is ended."

The religious system he believes in marks, separates, and privileges human beings by gender, doling out separate roles and responsibilities for these two categories.

Yet, despite the fact that he exists within this set-up, he nonetheless tries to assume a place of neutral objectivity, ignoring the unearned privilege that accrues to him, as a man within a system that (according to him) commands women to be "subservant" to men.

Only by failing to recognize his "can we drop this issue already" attitude as the conflict of interest that it is, is he then able to authoritatively bleat that the issue of women pastors is "nothing but feminist propaganda" that doesn't even warrant discussion.

Can you imagine?

Social conservatives and anti/non-feminists love to cry that we live in a PC Gone Awry Culture that doesn't allow "anyone" to speak truth anymore lest they offend people.

But dude here says that the issue of women pastors and egalatarianism isn't even a debatable issue. He doesn't even want feminists to blog about it. Just 'cuz he's sick of hearing about it.

Totes like Jesus would do.

*The "moslem" spelling. This is dog whistle, right?

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