Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More MRA Incoherence

[Content note: MRA crap, misogyny]

Via the infinite coherence of the MRA "manosphere" we learn that that law student who had the temerity to testify, in public while woman, about birth control is, apparently, a mclesbo manhands who isn't even hawt but who, nonetheless, is a gigantic slut who wants other people to pay for the enormous amounts of penis-in-vagina sex with men she's having.


Despite these bizarre contradictions, many MRAs nonetheless retain their unearned sense of intellectual superiority over women and feminists. Reading through various male MRA comments, I regularly see even somewhat-intelligent-seeming men lose all semblance of rationality when dealing with or talking about women they disagree with.

And aren't these "insults," these superficial ways some men try to cut down women, so telling about the men who utter them?

If they don't like what she says, they try to strip her of her attractiveness, her sexual appeal, her sanity, her dignity, her humor, her femininity, or her heterosexuality. As though they, as men, are perched on platforms of complete and total objectivity and, thus, are the Ultimate Arbiters of a woman's value as a human being.

You can't even put "as a human being" on the end there.

Many MRAs and anti-feminists don't even think of women as human beings in the way that they think men are human beings. Men, to them, are the Real People. It's their world, they think, and women just live in it for, alternately, their amusement and annoyance. It's supremely self-centered, really.


Leftist Gender Warrior gives a hearty shake of the man-hands to reader John for passing this link along.

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