Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So, You Want To Teach the Lady Feminists?

[Just because it's come up a few times in comments recently, LOL.]

Let me guess.

You are a man who knows things. You know things about sexism against women. And, you know these things better than women do.

Sure, you haven't actually lived as a woman and thus might not experience sexism against women in the way that women experience it, but still. You know some women and feel confident that the women you know adequately represent all of womankind.

And plus, you're a man. Who knows things. So, at the very least, you think someone needs to play Devil's Advocate to all the brainwashed "Women's Studies" set.

And sure, some might say that, as a man you might have a conflict of interest when it comes to perpetuating certain stereotypes about women, but still. Why wouldn't your voice be more objective, reasoned, and neutral than any woman's here? Right?

And sure, you personally haven't ever read any actual, complete works by Friedan, Woolf, hooks, MacKinnon, Dworkin, Davis, de Beauvoir, Lorde, Grimke, Truth, Faludi, Greer, Paglia, Ahmed, Butler and (I could continue) and you don't regularly read any feminist blogs, but still. Your girlfriend/mom/sister/woman-you-know read The Feminist [sic] Mystique and said it was crap. And, you've laughed at Rush Limbaugh quote about how ugly feminists are and have read some quotes on "men's rights" sites about things some feminists said in the '70s.

And sure, it's true, you don't read much, or any, research on gender, sex, gender roles, and stereotyping. Why would you when it's all Just So Very Obvious that Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and "males" and "females" are opposite in every way? Indeed, you can't even believe you have to explain all of these self-evident truths to people!

So, really, when we think about it, why wouldn't all of this make you a Bona Fide Expert In Gender, Feminism, and Sexism Against Women?

Why wouldn't you assume that it's us, rather than you who has A Lot To Learn?

Totally rational, not-at-all sexist or condescending thing to do!

In fact, this post and comment thread is just for you!

Enlighten away.

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