Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another Day

Another low for Donald Trump.

Here, I'll note that, like most proud, brave critics of "political correctness," we see how frail Trump's own precious sensibilities are when people report on and critique the words he chooses to say.

Instead of standing behind his "un-PC" statements, he constantly calls characterizations of his words and veiled threats "dishonest."  He's the victim, can't you see?  Everyone else is so over-sensitive and mean to him!

He, his apologists, and the "both sides are just as bad"/"he said, she said" bullshitters within the media claim that Trump wasn't  inciting violence against his rival, Hillary Clinton, when he suggested that "the Second Amendment people" could do something about Clinton if she ever found herself in a position in which she was appointing judges.  

What a nice Presidential candidate you have there, liberals, would be a shame if anything happened to her, eh gun lovers?  *nudge nudge wink wink*

Responding to critique, Trump has claimed he was merely suggesting that the Second Amendment people might exercise power through legitimate political processes, rather than through assassination of his rival (whose position on said Amendment he lied about, because another thing about the non-politically-correct is that they often construct "truth" out of whole cloth). 

That claim of innocence, he makes, even as his own supporters at his own convention were so incited by his and his supporters' rhetoric that they chanted their creepy fantasies of locking Clinton up. That, too, as many others share their fantasies on social media of Clinton being executed for "Benghazi," "the emails," and/or just being a woman who doesn't properly know her place in the world.

As I Tweeted last night, things almost seem quaint when we were outraged by Trump "merely" bragging about his dick on national television, don't they?

With Hillary Clinton continuing to dominate the polls, expect the threats, harassment, and violent fantasies to escalate. It is what abusers do when they are losing, especially when that loser is also a misogynist who is losing to a woman.

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