Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cool Revolution, Bros!

I don't want to dwell on Bernie Sanders, but it seems many feminists' spidey-sense was right with respect to him privileging his loyalty to the white male leaders he surrounded himself with over the concerns of the proles who largely supported, worked with, and volunteered for him.

The New York Times reports on recent events with his "Our Revolution" movement:
"A principal concern among backers of Mr. Sanders, whose condemnation of the campaign finance system was a pillar of his presidential bid, is that the group can draw from the pool of “dark money” that Mr. Sanders condemned for lacking transparency. 
The announcement of the group, which was live streamed on Wednesday night, also came as a majority of its staff resigned after the appointment last Monday of Jeff Weaver, Mr. Sanders’s former campaign manager, to lead the organization. 
Several people familiar with the organization said eight core staff members had stepped down. The group’s entire organizing department quit this week, along with people working in digital and data positions.
At the heart of the issue, according to several people who left, was deep distrust of and frustration with Mr. Weaver, whom they accused of wasting money on television advertising during Mr. Sanders’s campaign; mismanaging campaign funds by failing to hire staff members or effectively target voters; and creating a hostile work environment by threatening to criticize staff members if they quit."
Weaver is the man who Debbie Wasserman Schultz called "an ass" in a now-leaked* email, a sentiment which both (a) is one many Sanders supporters seemingly agree with, and (b) apparently shows, at least to some, that the entire Democratic Primary was rigged against Sanders.

NBC has also reported that the board of this group now:
"consist[s] entirely of white men from Vermont (Weaver and two of Sanders' longtime friends and advisers), along with the campaign's lawyer -- a composition the former staffers found to be unrepresentative of the progressive movement."
Aww, was the Pope not available?

*I haven't read the leaked emails and I refuse to do so on principle, under the belief that Julian Assange is "an ass" and Wikileaks is unethical, particularly when the organization only concerns itself with posting leaked documents to harm one political party and not the other.  < /can of worms>

**FWIW, Jill Stein of the Green Party thinks Assange is "a hero." Because of course she does.< /can of worms>

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