Thursday, August 4, 2016

Strange Thoughts on Stranger Things

Are people watching Stranger Things, on Netflix?

From a nostalgia standpoint, I like the '80s vibe of the show.  However, I have some initial critical thoughts:

  • Oh 1980s male character known as Teenage Jerk Who Coerces Uncertain Female Virgin Into Sex, how I haven't missed you.
  • Oh 1980s nerdy boy character who is already a misogynist, like not even a budding one an all-out misogynist (how quickly they learn!), how I haven't missed you, either. Wise-ass.
  • And '80s bullies were such jerks, weren't they? I'm only on episode 3, so things could get still get gray, but wow. Here's how you know you're a bully in an '80s movie: You're an upper-middle-class teenager who (a) breaks something of monetary value to a sympathetic working class kid (if male), or (b) you're a cheerleader (if female). PS: There are no other gender options. Because you're in a 1980s TV show/movie.
  • At this point, my main concern/hope is if and when El (11) decides to Dark Willow out on any and all bullies (and junior misogynists).
  • Winona Ryder, how I've missed thee!  Playing an 80s mom now, instead of a brooding kid! Now let's count all the people who gaslight her ESP experiences.
  • Barb. Barb is too good and too smart for any other character's shit, basically. Let's see where the show goes with her.
Talk about this or other stuff. Whatevs.  (Please give spoiler warnings though!)

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