Friday, September 9, 2016

Brittana Friday

So, I stopped watching Glee sometime around Season 4. I have no problem with late 20-somethings playing high school students. After all, I came of age when Gabrielle Carteris convincingly played a high school student at the age of 29 on 90210.

In all actuality, I am fine with TV shows that let their characters stay in high school (or college or their shitty job) indefinitely, like The Simpsons.  That environment is probably a big reason why the show works.  Yes, I'm basically saying I don't care if a character "grows" or "moves on with their life."  If a show is good how it is, it seems better to keep that going than to force characters into new environments that fuck with the magic.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, can't we just enjoy Naya Rivera dancing in a white suit today? Post-Labor Day be damned!

In a hurry? Fast forward to 1:50. Thank me later.


I also realize that Heather Morris does some impressive dancing in this video, so props to that!  I literally never dance in my head like that when I go to the dentist.

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