Monday, September 12, 2016

Conservatives Try to Monopolize Values

So, Trump spoke at the definitely-not-deplorable Values Voter Summit this weekend, where he and various speakers like that definitely-not-deplorable Duck Dynasty guy and Kirk Cameron spoke for about a hundred-odd minutes ("and I do mean odd") about definitely-not-deplorable "bedrock" conservative values.

You know, real intellectual firepower. Ker-pow!

Mostly what I want to say today is that the phrase "values voter" has long chapped my hide. It suggests that those who share the values of this summit hold values. Which, sure. They do. But, the implication is that those who do not hold these same values do not hold values at all.  After all, they are "values voters." Everyone else votes for.... other reasons.

When, no. We hold values. They just happen to be different ones.

In conversations with some conservatives, I've found that they often genuinely don't get that - which seems remarkably self-centered. It's as though, if a person doesn't believe the way the conservative believes, then that person can't possibly believe in anything at all! 

Anyway. The summit. Not many female-chattel speakers in the lineup, I noticed.

Like I always say. Where there's regular, good old-fashioned male-supremacist values, we'll also find some homophobia, transphobia, Christian supremacy, and thinly-veiled white supremacy, all brought to you by millionaires masquerading as aww shucks gee whiz folksy folk ordinary people.

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