Friday, September 30, 2016

Felix Friday

Confession: Felix is one of my favorite characters on Orphan Black. (My favorite being Cosima, obvs, followed closely by Helena).

ANYWAY, I adore Felix because, rather than falling into the Sassy Gay Male Friend trope, he is a loyal brother sestra to Sarah and the clones.  Unlike some (*cough* Will and Grace *cough* Modern Family) gay male characters, Felix gets to be a somewhat-femme guy who also gets to have actual sex with other men.

He is also an artiste who makes art wearing assless chaps (or maybe it's an apron, I can't tell, I should probably have another look) and on a more general note he brings dark humor to a show that is, oftentimes, quite dark.

But most of all, what I like about guys like Felix is the total lack of fragile, posturing masculinity.

He is who he is and he has zero fucks to give if the Erma Gerds (he he) of the world would pass out on their fainting couches if they knew a man was making art on the wall of his loft whilst wearing an assless chap/apron. He invests his fucks to give in caring about his sestras and a little girl who is special to him. That is, his chosen family.

Felix has priorities.

Also, a belated congrats to Tatiana Maslany's Emmy win for her work in Orphan Black! So well-deserved.

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