Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chuck Norris Doesn't Just Promote a Candidate...

He roundhouse kicks him into the presidency!

[bad Chuck Norris joke?]

But seriously? A serious presidential candidate is using Chuck Norris, who writes "political commnentary" such as this, as an endorser and spokesman?

One particularly, ahem, deep thought within Chuck Norris' article is this:

"So did Romney's Internet-transmitted roundhouse connect with Mike or me? While he tried to kick both of us, he ended up only creating a whiff of air by his bypassing foot, which propelled him spinning around like an inexperienced martial arts fighter and getting clocked by Huckabee's left hook in Iowa!"

Hee hee hee.

Honestly, every time I hear the name Mike Huckabee these days, I think of Chuck Norris, which makes me think of the Chuck Norris martial arts figurines I had when I was 6, which makes me think of Huckabee as something akin to a cartoon character.

I suppose I should end this post now, before Chuck Norris saves a roundhouse for me!


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