Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leftist Gender Warrior! Dun-dun-dun!

As if on cue, and fitting nicely into today's book review of Shut Up & Sing, previous Red Scare Award winner and anti-feminist blogger "Fitz" today provided another case study in conservative/anti-gay/anti-feminist propaganda-style messaging.

On the anti-gay blog of which he is a contributor, Fitz bemoaned "leftist gender warriors especially in our universities," elaborating on his recent article where he declared that advocates of marriage equality are "America's enemies."

Specifically, when he "thinks of 'enemies within'" he's thinking about the "important, well placed [sic], & influential element" of advocates for marriage equality, particularly in academia. And in Fit'z elaboration we see the liberal academia conspiracy theory once again rearing its beret-capped head.

("Fitz," without explanation, links to this article by conservative commentator Stanley Kurtz. I'm assuming here that Fitz does not mean to say that Mr. Kurtz is an enemy of America, but rather, that advocates for marriage equality are enemies of America).

How does Fitz use propaganda messaging?

Because, rather than discrediting an idea on its merits, he merely places a label on it and calls it a day:

"Extremist," "Element," "Marxist," "Enemy," "Homosexualist," "Identity Politics."

Ooooooh. Those are scawy, scawy words.

Fitz, you see, uses the messaging tactic of Name-Calling ("This technique attempts to arouse prejudices in an audience by labeling the object of the propaganda campaign as something the target audience fears, hates, loathes, or finds undesirable.") and Demonizing the Enemy (Making his opponent seem "worthless, immoral, or sub-human." Unlike Fitz, who is an American, marriage equality advocates are enemies.) In addition, and this is the key part, after using these tactics, he offers no real or logical explanation as to why the idea or belief he is "critiquing" is in error. He lets his name-calling and demonizing stand on its own.

"Leftist gender warrior," eh? That may just be my new favorite phrase.

Thanks for today's chuckle, Fitz.

Perhaps this is what he has in mind....

Fannie's Room presents:

Leftist Gender Warrior Chronicles, Part I

Fannie: "Arrgggh! Arrrgggh! Arrrgh!" [insert hysterical, shrill screeching]

Society: "Save us, Fitz! Save uuuuuuuuuus!"

Fitz: "Watch me defend marriage and save society with my logic black belt. Take that you gender warrior!" *Crash* "Marxist!" *Boom* "Extremist!" *Bam* "Enemy of America!"

Fannie: "Ah hahahahahaha! Your tactics are no match for my sickle and sporty rollerblade! Ah hahahahahahah *cough* *cough* hahahahaha!" [Mad cackling]


Create your very own Leftist Gender Warrior (or Marriage Defender) here!

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