Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Real Presidents Don't Cry

Apparently, Hillary Clinton "teared up" at a New Hampshire stop. The burning questions are these, did actual tears roll from her eyes, or did they just sit there all welled up? And, are Clinton's detractors now going to call her a hysterical woman rather than an unemotional bitch?

Oh wait. Why is this even news?

Did I miss the memo where politicians are not allowed to cry?

Why. Is. This. News?

Answer: So her opponents and the media can play the Gender Card in 3-2-1...

"At a New Hampshire campaign event, presidential rival John Edwards told reporters he was unaware of Clinton's emotional reaction and would not respond to it, but added, according to CNN's Dugald McDonnell: 'I think what we need in a commander in chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are a tough business, but being President of the United States is also a very tough business. And the President of the United States is faced with very, very difficult challenges every single day, difficult judgments every single day.'"

Being Commander-in-Chief is tough, 'lil lady, now you just best get back in that there kitchen and let us menfolk show you how it's done.

(Continue reading the ignorant, fuckwaddery comments after the article for more entertainment).

I'll bet George W. Bush has never cried.

He's just a manly man President like that, ya'll.

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