Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fun Political Quiz for You!

Shoutout to Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimp Refuge for showcasing this quiz that let's you rank issues that are important to you and compare your score with the stances that all of the presidential candidates have taken.

I found this quiz more satisfying than similar quizzes as you get to assign a weight of each issue's importance to you. Although some of the wording is a bit awkward due to double negatives.

My results were unsurprising in that I received the highest "match" scores for Kucinich and Gravel. My third-highest match was Obama. And then Edwards. And then Clinton.


Rather, than shedding light on who I am going to vote for, I am now even more undecided. For many reasons.

I am still certain, however, that I will not be voting for Mike "The Rev" Huckabee in the general election, who I received a "match" score of negative 40. (And I can also add to that list Mitt Romney (-48), and Duncan Hunter (-49)).

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