Monday, January 14, 2008

My Favorite Recent Spam Emails Received

The other day, I took a walk through my email spam folder. I must say, much of the headline content was surprising. Admittedly, I didn't open any of the messages so I don't know what was actually contained (okay, I opened a couple out of curiosity).

But, here are my favorite headlines:

"Take this p!ll and make your lassie feel the difference!"

Clearly, this author is writing from Ireland.

"She will always be hungry for your new big sausage!"

Not to use a tired metaphor or anything.

"Your little soldier will grow up to be a big love general!"

I like this metaphor, however. It's quaint.

"Don't you know that girls yearn for big schlongs?"

Have I mentioned that these ads are so very professional sounding?

"Make yourself a Christmas gift- increase your pen!s!"

Gift, eh? Hasn't that already been done... by Justin Timberlake?

While I appreciate all of these offers to elongate my willy, the ads do get tiresome. Is there really a, um,...huge market for this? I mean, there must be, since these ads keep persisting...

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