Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ignorance of an Anti-Gay Christian

Liability-to-the-Marriage-Defense-Movement Ken Hutcherson opines in a Q&A about same-sex marriage:

"Q: Why should Buddhists, atheists, and non-Christians care about the marriage issue?

A: Who says they do? The issue at hand is what God has asked Christians to do. Our biggest challenge is to get Buddhists, atheists and non-Christians to see the problem when they don’t know what the Bible says."


I'm a Buddhist-leaning non-Christian agnostic precisely because (a) I know what the Bible says and (b) I see how people like Ken Hutcherson wield it as a weapon, using it not to overcome prejudice, hatred, and bigotry, but to justify these human failings.

I'm not alone there.

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