Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lady Flips Off Camera For Milisecond, Violence Profiteers Very Offended

What a strange society we live in.

During the halftime show of a violent sport that often has lifelong negative health repercussions on the heads and bodies of its participants and in which its male athletes often engage in public, celebratory dances involving humping the air and taunting opponents, and in which TV networks receive money to air commercials that present scantily-clad women as the sex class for hetero men, a woman spontaneously flips off a TV camera for a fraction of a second and NBC and the NFL suddenly fall over themselves to condemn and apologize for that gesture.

Seriously?! That's the thing you fall ass-over-heals onto your fainting couch about?


Exaggerating and condemning female misbehavior while ignoring celebrating male aggression and misbehavior is how rape culture works to entitle men to violence and aggression.

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