Friday, May 6, 2016

A Simple Wish



"Corporate Democratic Whore."





"Bill's Coattails!"

"Cookies and tea!"

"Waiting for her coronation."


"Benghazi! 'Nuff said!"


"Woman card."

Hillary Clinton has more restraint than me, because if I were in her shoes I would be plotting the following:

1) Win 2016 Presidential  Election;

2) Win 2020 Presidential Election;

3) At the end of the last year in office, invite sexist critics and misogynistic conspiracy theorists to a parade to be held in their honor;

4) Get in flying car (it will be 2024 after all) and zoom down the parade route like:

Zero fucks. Zero fucks. La la la la zero fucks.

That is to say, I long for the day when she can finally give zero fucks about the heaps of abuse thrown her way for decades. She can endure it. She's been doing so for a long time. But, the point is, she shouldn't have to. And, other women and girls (and men and boys who care about us) shouldn't have to watch her endure it either.

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