Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Butch Tuesday

Let's be real, Brienne of Tarth is everything.

She's certainly one of the more honorable characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, as portrayed in both George RR Martin's books and the TV show Game of Thrones. (And therefore almost certain to die a horrible, unjust death).

I had an unexpected appreciation of her evolving relationship with Jaime Lannister.

Jaime is largely an ass, albeit somewhat humbled by the loss of his right hand. And, while he ridiculed Brienne when they first encountered one another and she, in turn, had little respect for "the Kingslayer," the two came to, I believe, respect and ultimately love one another.

That is to say, I believe theirs to have been a subtextual romance plot, deserving of highlighting today. Portraying men attracted to and in love with butch women is, obviously, a rarity in TV and film.  Hell, even portraying butch women as heterosexual, as Brienne ostensibly is (*sigh* a shame), is just as rare.

(Advice to Cersei: Forget about Jaime. Woo Margaery. "Keep your enemies closer" and all that).

Enjoy today's featured fan vid, a tribute to Jamie and Brienne.

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