Monday, May 2, 2016

Quote of the Day

Lindy West gets it, writing in The Guardian:
"But maybe what I hate the most about this election is thinking about all the goddamn writing I’m going to have to do for the next four (or, potentially, eight) years if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. Misogynist rhetoric is going to reach levels of frenzy heretofore unknown to science, and with misogynist rhetoric comes feminist outcry, and with feminist outcry comes dopey faux-confusion: 'I don’t get why this is sexist. Explain it to me. Debate with me. Help me. Convince me.' There is no sense of memory, of the fact that all of this has been explained many, many times before. Because why would they want to remember? The incessant demand that women 'debate' and defend our own humanity is a deliberate diversion meant to hobble our power – part of the mechanism of sexism itself."
And if we don't do it repeatedly and on-demand with any and every rando who shows up in our space, they claim we're scared of their intellectual prowess, we're part of a feminist hivemind, and we can neither tolerate or handle dissenting views.

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