Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Guess a Tetris Movie Fills a Need in the World

CBS took a pass recently on a Nancy Drew series for being "too female," but apparently there is a large need for a Tetris movie.

Oh, sorry, ACTUALLY it's a trilogy.

Which, you know, I've been playing Tetris longer than many gamers have been alive.  I'm just not sure, out of all potential stories to tell, the world is crying out for a Tetris one. But, cool that some people get $80 million to burn for the cause.

Want to hear a cynical joke?

By the way, were you aware that only three possible running mates exist in the entire world whom Trump could choose and single-handedly ruin his chances of winning?

They are:

1) Ken Kratz

2) Ramsay Bolton

3) This fucking piece:

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