Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silly Bigot, Newborn Babies Don't Know How to Talk

Concerned Woman for America Kenneth Ervin, in a recent propaganda piece, recounts a... "unique" testimonial witnessing of a baby born to a transman.

Take a quick second to read it.

Miraculous, right?

Neither Ervin nor the media multitudes in attendance express shock at the obvious conclusion of the testimonial:

Babies born to transgender men are prodigies!

It's true. While most human babies gain the capacity to use words and form sentences around 12-18 months, the baby of this transgender man said not only one word ("Mama") but an entire sentence ("Silly Mama. Only girls can have babies!") while simultaneously displaying a knowledge of fundamental biology mere moments after her birth.

The reporters, all of whom mysteriously had access to family's hospital room, were seemingly too busy reporting that the pregnant man had given birth to make note of this remarkable speaking newborn. Ervin, presumably part of an elite press corps given super-duper access to the birth, was possibly too busy "documenting" the birth to express shock at what is surely a setback for those opposed to trans rights. The babies of transmen are Super Babies!

But then again, I suppose we all pretty much knew that when men started having babies they would be way smarter than the babies women have.

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