Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Telling Ads?

Upon perusing uber-right wing website WorldNetDaily I can't help but wonder if the advertisements are a greater reflection on the average readership. (During this article, I am not going to include links because WorldNetDaily likely is paid for every click, and hey, who wants to support right-wing propaganda?). Now, in general, ads really annoy me and when watching the tellie I sometimes feel like shows exist only so people can make money off of the ads that are run during the shows. I mean really, is there any other explanation for Flavor of Love?

But seriously, I know ads at different media venues do not reflect upon all viewers of such media. But at the same time, there is a reason advertisers buy ad space at certain venues over others.

What follows is me poking fun at the ads and, therefore, some of the readers of a right-wing website. Yet, I could just as easily poke fun of the ads on gay network Logo (Hint: 5 minutes is entirely too long for any commercial, let alone one about animal abuse with Sarah McLaughlin singing in the background. Although props for catering to the musical tastes of Logo's target demographic.)

But alas, I choose to make fun of mean bigots before I make fun of the family. So back to WorldNetDaily...

First off, on WorldNetDaily, many advertisements are masked within the news announcements, often with a flashing "Breaking News!" logo right next to it. For instance, after clicking on the "article" "Navy Doctors Stumble Upon Breakthroughs in Cardiovascular Health," one is transported to an advertisement for some quack product. But more importantly, it's sort of cumbersome and surely confusing to many less-than-savvy readers, to decipher which links take you to advertisements and which take you to "real" stories (well, as real as WND stories can be, anyway). Wait, which "article" is news? Which is a commercial? Oh well. It doesn't matter.


For those readers seeking a more "objective" voice, a prominent link promises to take you to "your independent online intelligence resource"- which is essentially a paid-subscription-only site written by WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah. Don't forget to don your tinfoil hats when you get your credit cards kids, this site promises to be shock-full of right-wing conspiracy theories. (But really, don't forget your credit card!)


(The quotations are appropriate and necessary.)

Also within the site are ads for WorldNetDaily's various "products." The latest issue of WND's right-wing propaganda magazine Whistleblower, for instance, promises to reveal Barack (Hussein) Obama's "Secret Life." Subscribe Today! Then, of course, there's the upcoming "WorldNetDaily Cruise." Don't... *shiver* ....miss it. (I will refrain from distasteful jokes about right-wingers and the bottom of the ocean.)

Within all the various ads to buy things on WND, the numerous ads for credit counseling and "Federal Debt Relief System" are worth mentioning. Are you a slave to your creditors? Buy now! Continuing to cater to this demographic of relatively poor people who probably think they are poor "because of liberals," are ads for various money-making pyramid-like schemes, including one scheme to buy gold. Let's take a closer look at that first image:


Too good to be true? Nah. The world is your oyster according to your "independent news source."

But moving on, other ads are more... interesting. One flashing ad for "The Ultimate Fitness Program" includes a slideshow where a tough-looking bald man is standing shirtless and then the slide quickly switches to this same man, now clad in spandex, engaging in what can only be described as attempted coitus with the floor.


I don't know what this man is, um, trying to do.

Another ad takes you to a site for "Conservative T-shirts" which proudly displays worthy gems like "I'd Rather Be Waterboarding" (because who doesn't laugh at torture?) and "I'd rather be a conservative nut job than a liberal with no nuts and no job" (the irony of which is not missed in light of the debt relief and pyramid scheme ads galore on WND).


Right-wingers are a fun, good-natured bunch, aren't they? Hate sells, ladies and gents. Nowhere is that truth more apparent than WorldNetDaily.

Fun times.

If reading the "articles" on WorldNetDaily isn't entertaining enough for you, perusing the advertisements undoubtedly is!

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