Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Comments and Commenting

Apparently, HaloScan is down. Thus, my comments are down.

Until they're back up, Leftist Gender Warrior orders you to think of colors for Les Bionic Woman's costume. Arghhhh! Caricatures are fun. Leftist Gender Warrior, for example, embodies the exaggerated characteristics that a few of my internet "adversaries" have imbued me with over the course of me having this blog: Commie, abusive, malicious, desperate for attention, caustic, shrill, illiterate, leftist gender warrior (tm).

Ahhhh, sometimes blogging is really fun.

But seriously, blogging necessarily entails having a thick skin. Fortunately, the above labels are the product of 2-3 almost amusingly aggressive bloggers from one particular anti-gay blog. It has been my general experience that, disregarding these few rotten apples, many people I have disagreed with on the internets are capable of acting like civil people.

Attacks on my arguments? Fine. But when people who don't know me delve into attacking my personal character and integrity they cross a line. Okay, not really. Personal attacks are also to be expected- especially from those who are both bigots and unable to distinguish between critiques on their positions from attacks on their egos. Thus, I find it amusing, more than anything, when certain unbelievably incompetent bigots who have absolutely no expertise in the very "topics" of their anti-gay blog regularly ridicule and mock those who actually do have expertise.

In the face of such asininity + free speech, why not have fun with it? Un-desperate times call for un-desperate measures: The creation of "Deep" Thoughts, The Freddy Awards, and Argumentum Ad Naziums Watch. Leftist Gender Warriors take people as seriously as they deserve to be taken.

[Insert shrill cackling]


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