Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LOMMS and Moronic Doood Sports' Questions

Have you ever had a case of the LOMMS? Do you know what that is? Check out my latest Stuff Lesbians Like post over at Grace the Spot.

In other random news, Feminist law professor Bridget Crawford describes an annoying experience at Major League Baseball's All-Star Fanfest, where she happened to catch an appearance by four former players in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL):

"The interviewer’s 'big' question to the former AAGPBL players was, 'Which of you was Madonna [portraying]?'

And with that I have to echo Professor Crawford's view that "hearing more about the players’ perspective on the continued exclusion of women from so many levels of professional sports" would have been infinitely more interesting a question.

As so many male sports' fans and members of the media are unable to take female athletes seriously, I appreciated Crawford's slight:

"But 'Fanfest' must be code for 'let’s pretend,' judging by the number of grown men dressed in baseball caps, baseball shirts and carrying their gloves around the Javits Center."

Now that's funny.

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