Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And If He's Mocking Bigotry, He's No Sarah Silverman

Could a guy piss his pants out of fear of the prospect of a woman president any more than Joel Stein does in this article? He starts off with a bang:
"You know how ladies, when they don't get what they want, can go a little crazy? Am I right, fellas? Right now, they're pretty upset about losing their first chance at a female president. This would have empowered little girls, shattered sexist beliefs about female incompetence and forced men around the world to view a woman as an agent of power instead of a sex object -- all of which, it turns out, are important to women even though they buy Star magazine. Ladies are complicated."
What I'm wondering is how this poorly-written and boring piece made into the LA Times?

Yes, poorly-written. For one, his title implies that his article is "for the ladies," even though he really only addresses the "fellas." This fact, of course, means that his piece is really only a little somethin' for strong-women fearing guys who take pleasure in reading misogynistic, unfunny articles about women.

But worse, as many of Stein's editorials are, his piece is... boring. I tried really hard to muster up some feminist warrior anger at this article. But, par for the course with Stein, it all seems like he's doing nothing more than trying way too hard to be controversial or say something that's going to piss someone off. Humor is subjective, but what's entertaining about dull, tired stereotypes about the sexes, politicians, and liberals? (What? Politicians are old? Ooooh. Women read trashy mags? Ahhh.)

My feminine sensibilities are, like, totally offended! If my new US Weekly didn't just arrive in the mail I would write a letter to the editor requesting, no- demanding!- his resignation!


And if he truly does believe what he wrote, I pity his simplistic, generalized outlook on the world.

For, I will never understand heterosexual men who act as though they hate women. If anything, men such as Stein sort of prove that gayness isn't a choice. Because if they had their druthers, they wouldn't have to deal with women at all. They'd just barricade themselves into little woman-hating man-fucking enclaves where he never had to encounter fickle, whiny women.

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