Friday, March 7, 2008

The Freddies! Wise Master Paul Jamieson

Today I would like to present the 3rd Annual Freddy Award to occasional visitor and frequent off-color anti-gay commenter (Wise Master) "Paul Jamieson."

Why does he deserve this award?

He sort of embodies the hateful "teaching methods" used by the likes of Freddy namesake Fred Phelps.

Leaving a less-than-compassionate comment in my thread about the murder of gay student Lawrence King, (Wise Master) Paul told one man who denounced the murder this:

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on."

You see, Paul did not come to Fannie's Room to discuss the tragedy of the Lawrence King murder and, in fact, he ignored the content of my post. He came to fulfill his selfish agenda of calling people names and "teaching people lessons." He came to let the world know that Paul Jamieson simply will not stand to be called a bigot. When pressed for an explanation, Paul used the following reasoning process:

"'Fuck you and the horse you rode in on' is part of a teaching method I employ when hate speech is recognized.

Using similiar [sic] speech back at the offender gives them [sic] a sense of how hateful their [sic] comments are.

"Goddamn it the hell, when will the bastards learn that they have blood on their hands?"

is offensive and to make John aware of his hate speech I mock him with my own.

I have done this to great affect [sic] at other blogs and it usually works.

example - people call me the KKK I call tem [sic] a faggot. People call me a bigot - I call them a fudgepacker.

So be ready for your lesson if you choose to practice hate speech."

See how it works is, (Wise Master) Paul perceives hatred and reacts with love. He turns the other cheek. Oh wait, no. He doesn't do that at all. Besides having no comprehension of what hate speech actually entails, Paul Jamieson perceives hatred and he reacts with hatred of his own. He "mocks" "faggots" by calling them "faggots" which, of course, "teaches" them not to call him a bigot.

Because, really, why would anyone would call Paul Jamieson a bigot?

In Paul's mind, he can oppose gay rights but those in favor of gay rights are not allowed to call Paul a bigot. Paul sees calling someone a "bigot" and calling someone a "dyke" as morally equivalent. Paul taunts, "Fag! How do you like being called a name?!" as though gay people have never been taunted before. As though gay people and other minority groups have just produced the the word "bigot" in a vaccum. As though it is some sort of slur that bigoted people like Paul opposed to equality have had to endure for eons. It's a label that mean people have placed on him for no reason whatsoever!

Rise up, Paul. You too shall overcome!

In short, he has it all backwards. For, people are called bigots after they are against equal rights and after they use slurs against groups of people. But in Paul's mind, he's not a bigot at all. People just unfairly call him one and so that justifies him acting like one. And in the end, he doesn't see himself as acting like a bigot, he's just "teaching people a lesson."

It's a great Weapon of Mass Projection, actually. And it's one that many opposed to gay rights use. They regularly denigrate an entire group of people, call us abominable, call us perverted, call us unnatural, call us childish names ("fudgepacker"? Really?)... you know the drill. And then, when we dare to speak back and call them out on their bigotry and intolerance their defenses immediately kick in and they turn it all around. "Gay people are so intolerant!" they yell. Yes, we are intolerant of intolerance. And I'm okay with that.

Congratulations, Paul. Unless you change your thinking, I urge you to get comfortable with your label. From one dyke to a bigot, learn to embrace it.

Leftist Gender Warrior
hereby gives you a Freddy.

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