Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girl Too Good for the Boys

In hilarious sports' news, Jaime Nared, a 12-year-old girl, was banned from the boys' basketball team for being too good. As FOX sports reports, she had been playing on this team since second-grade but "curiously, the timing of her ban came in the wake of a 30-point effort against an all-boys team."

Honestly, I'm not too worried about the girl. It's a shame that she has to go back to playing on a less competitive girls' team in which her coach likened to "having Shaq on a high school team." But at the same time, she's a phenom and college recruiters are probably already licking their chops at this 6'1" prospect. If she can keep from getting bored in the meantime, she'll be fine.

What's most funny about this story is the explanation given for banning her from the boys' team:

"[The parents of boys on opposing teams] said the problem was the boys were playing differently against her because she was a girl. They'd been taught to not push a girl, so they weren't fouling her hard, and the focus had shifted from playing basketball to noticing a girl was on the floor with them."

Alright. Just keep telling yourselves that. I mean, it's simply not possible that a mere girl would be embarrassingly better than any of your little darlings.

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