Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Fun Shoutouts!

1. Feminist Law Professor Ann Bartow deserves a shoutout for compiling various articles regarding The Sexism in the Democratic Primary. Even to many of us who voted for Obama, the overt sexism and misogynistic comments directed at Clinton have been disturbing, distasteful, and indicative of how feminism is still relevant. Hateful comments and personal attacks were to be expected, of course, from the usual suspects. But this compilation documents the particularly gendered nature of the attacks on Clinton uttered by those who call themselves "liberals" and "progressives."

2. My latest contribution to Stuff Lesbos Like is up.

3. Sort of proving my latest Stuff Lesbos Like, a few months ago Lesbilicious humorously pointed out the Straightest Lesbian Films of all Time. Take a gander.

4. A loud talker on the red line recently inspired Grace over at Law with Grace to create a sidekick for our brave-yet-lonely hero Leftist Gender Warrior. I can't wait to see what Les Bionic Woman looks like!


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