Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RightWing Roundup #4: Agendas, Last Days, and Fascists!

1. Wait, Who Has an Agenda?

We hear all the time about the sinister Gay Agenda where homosexuals seek to take over all of our important institutions and pretty much run the world. Thankfully, Janet Folger from the Christian Worldview Network has a agenda plan of her own on how to win this culture war. The prelude to Folger's plan is a citation of the Genesis quote where Gawd tells us that Christians shall have dominion over the Earth. Then, bundled into a crispy ironic nutshell, her plan-that-is-definitely-not-a-creepy-well-thought-out-agenda-for-power continues with specifics like how Christians "must regain control of the public debate and battlefronts, including the schools, the universities, the legislatures, the courts, the White House, the media, the music, science, business, technology, and Hollywood."

Alrighty then. Weapon of Mass Projection much?

Agendas to dominate every societal institution in the universe are kosher, I suppose, as long as you are in agreement with those seeking domination.

2. A Telling Omission

The History Channel recently showed a special called Last Days on Earth. This program highlighted potential ways the human race could die out including such catastrophes as global warming, pandemic flu, nuclear war, and a super volcano. Clearly, I must write in and let them know that they forget the ominous, heterosexually-oppressive threat that allowing same-sex couples to marry poses to humanity.

3. Nazi-allusion in 5-4-3-....

American for Truth [sic] About Homosexuality Peter LaBarbera recently warned his readers to watch out for "lesbian activists with frying pans." Apparently, students at Smith College shut down a speech by Ryan Sorba, author of The Born Gay Hoax, which opposes the idea that people are born gay.

While I agree with Pam Spaulding that "I'd rather hear the speech and rip on it after the fact" than silence a bigot's peaceful law-abiding speech, we can always count on rightwing groups to get all hyperbolic on our asses. Step one in the exaggeration is to declare that the gay rights movement is "scared" of free speech because we (we!) depend on propaganda to spread our message (oh the irony!). Then, after pretending the rioters in question are exemplary of every single gay rights advocate, the fascism cry begins. After all, nothing says you don't have a real flippin' argument like a good old-fashioned argumentum ad nazium.

Wait for it, wait for it...annnnd Peter LaBarbera exaggerates:

"Stalin would be proud. Brian Camenker, Amy Contrada and the good folks at have captured the totalitarian episode....Communists and fascists censor advocates of democracy and independent religion. Darwinists expel critics of evolution from the academy....And radical homosexualists here in the USA trample on the rights of those who dare question the tenets of their movement, which is all of 100-plus years old (German “sexologist” Magnus Hirschfeld)."

He has a point. It is rather totalitarian that lesbians control all the media in the entire world thus preventing anti-gay and conservative groups from having websites, radio stations, CDs, think tanks, "scholarly" journals, books, movies, petitions, and blogs. Must be the fault of that pesky homasexul agenda.

All of this, of course, raises a vital question: If a bigot utters a lie in an empty forest, does it still count as a lie?

And that wraps up this edition of RightWing Roundup. Unfortunately, since rightwingers will, from now on, surely get a grip on their propagandistic, hyperbolic messaging, this concludes the RightWing Roundup experimental series in Fannie's Room.

[insert laughter]

Ah, who am I kiddin', see ya next week!

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